The challenge.

The problem: we love our house. It’s in a fabulous place, just on the edge of a great town, with everything we need, countryside and allotments ten minutes walk one direction, the beach fifteen minutes in the other. But it’s a bungalow and really on the small side for the family of four who moved in, and now straining at the seams to fit in a family of six.

The solution: raising the roof to add another floor. We could put in four decent bedrooms with two bathrooms and we’d be set.

But that is going to cost. Probably around £100,000. This blog is to document how we raise the money without radically changing our home educating, work from home lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

8 thoughts on “The challenge.

  1. Just stopped by to wish you good luck.🙂

    It will be very interesting to see your journey, would love to see you make it. Will be very happy to share tips on thriftiness but I expect we are on a similar level already🙂

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